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Your Mobile App Helps You Make Money and Retain Clients

That’s a pretty bold statement. Your mobile app helps you make money AND retain clients. I mean, how does that work? So far, you may have only thought of an app as a necessary fee to stay “in tune” with the digital world. If you have, you’re on the right track. Moving your agency into the [...]

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A Mobile App Gives Your CSR a 24/7 Assistant

Are you blasting messages about your new app through all your social channels to create awareness and encourage use? Awesome. That provides the initial visibility you need. You’ve let your clients know that they now have access to a free insurance tool. You’ve piqued interest and roused curiosity. But sometimes it takes a little extra [...]

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3 Ways To Get Your Clients Pumped About Your App (and Increase Downloads)

So, you and your staff are pumped about your cool, new app. Now it's time to increase mobile app downloads by getting your clients pumped about the app. Tell your clients how the app benefits them. Your app can make their life easier but only if they know how helpful a tool it can be. [...]

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