How do I license the Insurance Agent Mobile Application and sign-up my agency?

  1. Sign-up is easy. Here’s what you need to get started.
  2. To start, you’ll need to determine the administrator for the app and what plan fits your agency. The “Administrator” usually completes the sign-up process and oversees your agency’s use of the Insurance Agent mobile application. The admin learns how the app works, manages the dashboard, and maximizes use of the app features with clients. The Administrator must have a valid email address and will need to create a password. This will be the admin dashboard login. If you’re not sure which plan fits, have multiple locations, or more than 25 employees please Contact Us.
  3. QUICK START (Recommended)
    • To Begin: Click the “Buy Now” button on the website which takes you to the Create Agency Account page. Here’s where you’ll register the Admin and create a password.
    • Step 1 Select the Plan that fits your agency: Micro, Small, Medium, or Large. You’ll need your Credit card info to complete this step… billing address, etc.
    • Step 2 Create your basic Agency Profile: Agency Name, email address, phone #, street address. Additional details like social links and App Cover Image can be added later from your dashboard.
    • Click “Next” or “Finish” on steps 3 (Invite Agents), 4 (Add Carriers), and 5 (Invite Customer). You will complete these steps from your dashboard after sign-up.
  4. That’s it for Quick Start! You’re ready to fine-tune for launch!
  5. If you want to complete all 5 steps… Go for it! Either way is fine*.
    • If you get interrupted by a phone call – no worries. Just click next and finish and your done with sign-up.
    • * If you are bridging with an agency management system you will add customers during the bridge.
    • When you finish sign-up you’ll land on your dashboard where the steps for adding social links, carriers, logo image etc. can be added anytime from anywhere. If you log-out of your dashboard you’ll need to login with your admin email and password at

I just licensed Insurance Agent, now what do I do?

  1. First, make sure your mobile app is ready to go by checking that your agency information is complete and correct.
    • Start with the PROFILE tab on your agency dashboard and check spelling, email
    • Upload and format your image (tips and hints are on the page) for optimal viewing.
    • Check that agent/service representative lists are complete and correct
    • Check CARRIER Tab to ensure all Insurance Companies have been added.
  2. Send a test invite to download your agency-branded mobile app: On your CUSTOMER tab send invites to a few select customers, employees and yourself. Download the app and do a quick re-check of all your information and links.
  3. If everything looks good, you’re ready to upload a customer list in a CSV file format.

How do I upload a CSV file?

  1. First, you need to create a CSV file. CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. When you run a list report from your agency system or access your customer lists from an Excel-like spreadsheet use the ‘Save As’ feature to save the report with a .csv extension. Email address and Full Name (First and Last) are required fields. You can also include phone and address. If you add these last two fields the information will be included on the customer page on your dashboard. To help you get started, download the CSV template on your agency dashboard.
  2. Save your newly created CSV somewhere you can easily locate it.
  3. Click the “Upload CSV” on the Customer TAB of your Admin Dashboard and locate the CSV you just created. Personalized invites will immediately be sent to valid email address.
    • Your email addresses need to be accurate and verified or they cannot be sent. RED X’s will appear next to invalid email addresses. Check your list… if you have 2 email addresses in one cell you’ll get a red x; check for typos (.cim instead of .com).
  4. If you need help, please contact us at

Why do I need email addresses for my customers?

We designed Insurance Agent to be turn key with a built-in distribution system that creates customer records, sends invites, and synchs for notifications and reports. Once you load your customer list (CSV with email and first and last name) Insurance Agent builds your dashboard and sends a customized “invite” email. When your client downloads the app and registers, their email synchs to your agency dashboard and a green checkmark shows beside their name. “Shared” home inventory and auto reports load into your dashboard under the customer that shared the report.

What if I don't have email addresses?

No problem! Your customers can download the app directly from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store without being sent an email invite. When they download Insurance Agent without an invite, their dashboard record will be created when they register for the app with an email address. At registration, they simply confirm your agency as their insurance agency and your branded app loads seamlessly. Because an uninvited email address is not considered a “Customer” of your agency on your dashboard, those customers will show as “Uninvited App Downloads” on the Customer TAB. Simply click “Add to customer list” and a customer record will be created allowing them to share reports and receive notifications from your agency.

Note: Until you move them to your customer list they will not receive notifications or be able to share reports. Usually these are clients using a new email or your agency doesn’t have this data. This step was created to help update agency records.

What's the most effective way to promote and distribute our Insurance Agent App? How do I get people to download my app?

Insurance Agent has great built-in distribution features but it’s important to cross promote your app to get the word out. We recommend you create links and use images on your website, Facebook page, electronic and print newsletters as well as mention it in appropriate blog posts. We have lots of marketing assets to help you…icons, images of your branded app shown on an iPhone or Android phone and the app as it appears in the app stores. Customers download Insurance Agent from the app store and your branded app opens on their phone. To request Agency branded marketing assets contact us:

Don't forget to use the RE-SEND button!

In addition to Insurance Agent‘s customized “invite” email, it also has a “Re-send Invite” feature. Because people are busy and many expect multiple reminders about new products, you can resend the email invite as many times as you like (resent to customers that haven’t downloaded the app).

Can my agency logo be used as the icon displayed on the mobile device?

We did a lot of research on this and the reason we don’t recommend it is simple: People have a hard time remembering icons. Moreover, we tested icons to see what policyholders remember, and what they look for during a stressful situation? Virtually every time the answer was “Insurance”. So we created a clean, easy to see, easy to find icon to represent “Insurance”. We know branding is extremely important so we put a lot of it where it’s most effective – on the inside.

Can policy holder family members download the app?

Absolutely! Insurance Agent is highly recommended for young drivers and renters still on the policy. Insurance Agent is the perfect touch-point to engage the next generation.

Can I share our Insurance Agent app with prospects?

Definitely. Sharing this app with anyone that’s asking for a quote is a great way to show off the quality of your customer service. Need to do a Homeowners Insurance quote… Send the app and ask them to take pictures of the front and back of the house and let them experience the great tools and service you offer your customers.

Will my clients see my branded app in the app stores?

In the email invite, customers are asked to download the Insurance Agent app and that is what they see when they go to the app stores. They download the app and register using their email address. They’ll open the app on their phone and see your branded app with your logo, contact info, carriers etc.

Will Insurance Agent app work on all mobile devices?

Currently Insurance Agent is available for iPhone (including iPad and iPod Touch) and Android devices 4.0 and later.

How do I get clients to use our app?

A bonus to our notifications feature is that while these brief messages connect your agency to your customers, they also remind your customers to use the app to prepare for an upcoming monthly review, update policy info, or prepare for a weather event. Engagement with customers, the app and the agency!